Lotrič opens the first metrology park in Slovenia

Lotrič odprl prvi meroslovni park v Sloveniji

Železniki, 23 October

Today, the Lotrič Metrology Group opened Slovenia’s first metrology park in Železniki, where various types of measurement equipment are presented. According to Group founder, Marko Lotrič, the park is a response to the fourth industrial revolution, the revolution that requires digitalisation of measurement equipment and procedures.

"Industry 4.0 requires mutual device communication, and this is also reflected in metrology,” explained Lotrič. At today’s opening of the metrology park, this was discussed by experts who presented knowledge and achievement in terms of Metrology 4.0.

Sixteen global measurement equipment providers and approximately 150 partners were invited to the park’s opening, which was primarily organised to support clients introducing new technology. Lotrič Metrology awarded Metrology Excellence Certificates to Gorenje Orodjarna, Revoz and Knauf Insulation for their investment in quality metrology equipment and corporate know-how.

The metrology park encompasses more than 1,000m2, where various types of measurement equipment are presented, including the company’s own products for the calibration of measurement equipment, which it started producing in 2015, after having established itself almost 25 years previously.

Three years ago, the company developed Exactum, a smart system for the automatic control of parameters, which today is used at more than 1,300 measurement points, including the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Commodity Reserves and as hospitals cold chains.

This year, Trames Unique was launched. This is a measurement device for product dimensions. ‘It is entirely tailored to customer need’, said project manager Maja Lotrič. The company had already produced six similar devices, and, in Železniki presented a device for Knauf Insulation, which is used to ensure correct material density during production; and a device to be used in Bosnia and Herzegovina for tape measure calibration.

‘New products are a response to client need’, said Marko Lotrič, adding that orders for their products have been increasing. Last year, the Group, which until recently consisted of nine companies, generated €5.2 million in revenue and nearly €500,000 in net profit. Last year, the Group gained a new member, SPM, a company that has been solving customer problems in the field of process and industrial automation for more than 20 years.

The Lotrič Metrology Group, whose parent company is Lotrič Meroslovje, will issue 85,000 certificates based on more than 4.2 million measurements this year. The Group has 130 measurement experts working in six countries, namely Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Croatia, where the Group has branches.

Lotrič Meroslovje is based in Selca, but the company ran out of space for expansion, so last year, acquired new premises, which had previously housed the Alples Exhibition Salon, in Železniki. At the moment, the value of the metrology park is estimated at €1.2 million, and the Group plans to implement building energy overhaul in the next two years, requiring investment of €500,000.

The development department will move to the new premises, and, in the future, the Group wants to establish an innovative environment in the building to provide an opportunity for employee and client education, as well as education for students and schoolchildren, in order to enhance good metrology practice in terms of Industry 4.0.