The Ambassador of Knowledge is an honorary function for which are proposed individuals who meet all the criteria required by this appointment with their high reputation, position, credibility, diligence, expertise and ethic.

The Ambassador of Knowledge is able to confers award called Reference to individuals or a group for their outstaning work in the past year.

Ambassadors of Knowledge awarded individuals or groups on an annual event called Ambassadors of Knowledge Awards.
The event starts with morning Mentoring conference and continue with gala evening where the new Ambassadors of Knowledge are nominated and individals or gropus receive Reverence award.

Who can nominate the Ambassadors of Knowledge?

The Ambassadors of Knowledge are nominated by various experts, individuals or groups who are actively engaged in the development and shaping of personnel around the world.

They need to send the Nomination form by email: info@llacademia.com.
The form is on the website: https://ambassadorsofknowledge.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Proposal-for-Ambassadors-of-Knowledge.pdf