A Reference is a certificate received by all good potentials  as a special and highest recognition for their efforts on different filds of knowledge.


The Reference winners are those individuals or groups that exceed the expectations of employers on the basis of different knowledge, ideas, modus operandi, or achieved special results.   For their work/achievement they are awarded with the award called Reference (every year – first week in June in Slovenia on the government property Brdo pri Kranju).


A Reference can be received by university or secondary school students who are still in the active or final stage of their studies and by university or secondary school students who are seeking their first employment (have perhaps already finished their studies, but have not yet found employment), and by assistants in an individual organisation who have decided to upgrade their knowledge by enrolling in full-time study. *Full-time study – study with which one obtains an official academic title or a higher level of education.
Findings show that today employers are not satisfied with formal knowledge alone. In order to enable university or secondary school students to obtain practical knowledge even during their studies. For this purpose we promote the introduction of various activities at various organisations (practical work, taking part in the writing of various papers and the participation of university or secondary school students in various projects). With Reference individuals prove that they have good potential, for they have been chosen as the best in the above-mentioned activities.
By awarding a Reference we elevate young people above the average, build on their recognisability and provide them with better opportunities when entering the labour market or seeking employment, since the Reference confirms that they have good potential.


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