Gradonačelniku Umaga Viliju Bassaneseu dodijeljena titula “Ambasador znanja”


The international professional organization "Life Learning Academia" from Slovenia awarded the honorary title of "Ambassador of Knowledge" to the mayor of Umag, Vili Bassanese, at a ceremony in Ljubljana. The award was ceremoniously presented by the director of the Academy, Marjetka Kastner, and on behalf of the mayor, his deputy Mauro Jurman accepted it.

The title "Ambassador of Knowledge" is awarded once a year to prominent individuals from around the world who function according to the principles of the "VUCA – Volatility, Unvertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity" system. At times when there are rapid changes in technologies and when the framework of work is unstable, uncertain and complex, then innovative work comes to the fore that meets precisely defined criteria of professional and ethical achievements, and whose constant focus is learning, knowledge and connection.

Thus, it was pointed out that in the last 10 years or so, the City of Umag has made enormous strides precisely in terms of innovation and sustainability through the "Umag: Smart City - Green City" project, as well as raising the bar in the field of economic, social and social policy. Innovative and sustainable projects ensured quality, which made Umag an example in the direction of preschool education, demography, youth policy, intergenerational solidarity and social policies, and not only in Croatia."The city of Umag is a confirmation that cities can independently initiate development and be a bright example of good practice in various fields. It is a confirmation of the quality work of the entire team, led by the mayor," the director pointed out when presenting the award.

The head of the UN office in Geneva, Dr. David Chikvaidze, addressed the awardees and emphasized the importance of innovation and sustainability and examples of good practice.

"I am extremely proud that we have been recognized for the results of our work outside the borders of Croatia. It is the result of the work of the entire team, from my deputies onward, so thank you to the City Administration for creating a city in which it is pleasant to live, get an education, raise a family, work and finally, plan your retirement days. The title of "Ambassador of Knowledge" is an honor and a confirmation that we are on the right path, but it also represents an additional motive and incentive for further work," said Mayor Bassanese.