Stane Jerko


Ambassador of Knowledge
Professional photographer
Year receipt of recognition 2017

Stane Jerko combined his passion for fashion and photography when he was still in high school. Sometimes, he would stop well-dressed women on the street and ask them to pose in front of his camera.

Even though Jerko studied to become an electrician, he continued to work as an amateur fashion photographer throughout his time in college. His formal training in the art of photography was limited to a few classes, but he was unusually talented, and he eventually became a sought-after fashion Slovenian photographer.

Throughout his career, he discovered a number of models, some of whom became household names in Slovenia.  However, it was a model he discovered in 1987 that went on to achieve the greatest international fame. Jerko was working as a fashion photographer for fashion magazine Maneken and  Jana, a Slovenian woman’s weekly, when he spotted  Melanija Knavs at a fashion show. Because of his experience in the business, Jerko immediately realized that Knavs had what it took to become an exceptional model. He invited her to a photo shoot, and much to his delight, the teenager chose to accept his invitation.

Jerko has been recognized as the dean of Slovenian fashion photography and is credited for bringing a touch of cosmopolitan glamour to a still-sleepy Slovenia. (Source: