Diana Dimnik


Ambassador of Knowledge
Dr.med., spec.derm., President of the Supervisory Board Of Medias International d.o.o.
Year receipt of recognition 2017

Dr. Diana Dimnik graduated at Medical Faculty of Ljubljana on 20th of November 1986 and was promoted to Doctor der Medizin at Medizinische Fakultat zu Lubeck on the 10th of June 1991 with a thesis Orale und rektale Pramedikazion mit Midazolam bei Kindern.

In 1987 she was awarded with Prešeren prize for students for a published study Test for latent Anesthesiology Insitute of Medical University zu Lubeck. After finishing her specialization, she founded a private company MEDIAS INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., focused in marketing and distribution of medical and pharmaceutical products.

In 2000, Diana became a member of humanitarian organization LIONS CLUB ILIRIJA and was in 2005 elected for president of the club which in that year raised 100.000 € for humanitarian help. The same year she also funded a company for construction and engineering DIMNIKCOBAU d.o.o. where in 2002 she became general manager. In years from 2002-2005 she accomplished a specialization in dermatovenerology at Dermatological Clinic of University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

She founded, together with a colleague, a private dermatology esthetic clinic PRODERMA d.o.o. with a position of general manager (2007) and had made a major investment into a medical device production company MESI d.o.o. In 2013 followed acquisition of ERIGO d.o.o. an agriculture company. From 2013 till now she is actively involved in the activities of all companies.