MSc Matjaž Madžarac


Ambassador of Knowledge
Vice president of Slovenian Association for Project Management
Year receipt of recognition 2017

MSc Matjaž Madžarc completed Master’s degree studies on Project Management at the Faculty of Economics in 2005. He started to engage with project management during his time as undergraduate student. After graduating he got involved in various projects and in project school implementation for different companies.

He obtained a license for the verification and certification of national ˝Project Manager˝ professional qualification in 2009.

As a lecturer he is conducting lectures on project management and on implementation of project methodology in the companies. Since his graduation he has been working in private sector where he is meeting practical challenges on project management on daily basis

He is an active member of the ZPM since student time, currently Vice President of Slovenian Association  for Project Management and a member of the Executive Committee of the ZPM.