Ms Irena Vide,


The General Manager of Television Vaš kanal

Priznanje REFERENCA podelila:  Marko Mesojedec

Co-owner of the media house – Television Vaš kanal and managing director since 1999. She’s a chief editor of the local television programme Vaš kanal which has a special status and also an editor in chief of Vaš mesečnik magazine. Television Vaš kanal has produced many important and notable media projects that have had – with its message and added value – a big impact on our media evironment. She received several awards for her work.

For many years she has been a member of The managers’ association of Slovenia, a member of The executive board of radiodifussion media in The chamber of commerce and industry of Slovenia, she’s also a member of many associations, a journalist, radio and TV anchor, lecturer of public performance and effective communication, script writer for public events and documentaries, author of several articles in newspapers and magazines related to »The role and importance of media in our daily life«.

Her role model is Brian Tracy. And her motto is: Not that we can’t do anything but how can we do it? Not that we can’t reach our goals but which is the right way to do it!