Mr Jožef Oseli,


Ambassador of Knowledge
President of the Slovenian Academy of Cooking
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Jožef Oseli was born on 4th of March 1949 in Medvode. He graduated High school for hotel management and Faculty of public administration at University of Ljubljana. Later on he enrolled E.A.C.H: Escole des Arts Culinares et de Hotellerie in Lyon, France. Curently he is a world-renowned master chef, shown by his leader and/or membership of pronounced cullinary organizations on national and international level: President of Slovenian Culinary Academy WACS- global approved Judge WACS -WCWB Commitee member / Chefs withdout Borders / Chefs Association Mediteranien and Europian Region / SCMER /, Split, Croatia Ambassador for Slovenija Chefs Ass. Europian and Mediterranean Areas Egyptien Chefs Association Manager R.T.D. Institut International Lausanne Suisse Manager l’Escole Superieure de l’Hotellerie et de la Gastronomie Poznan, Pologne Honorary Member Sri –Lanka Chefs Assocation
Prizes: Yugoslav State Orders Gold ansd Silver medals and awards from the GTZ Slovenian Competition