Ms Zdenka Tičar,


Ministry for health Slovenia
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Zdenka Tičar was born on 23 May 1963 in Slovenia. In 1982, after completing secondary medical education, she started working as a nurse. She was employed in the intensive care unit between 1987 and 1990, before taking up a position in community nursing. After twelve years of work in community nursing, she was employed at a retirement home as head of the care wards. In 2008, she joined the Ministry of Health, and worked in the Directorate for Health Care. In 1985, she graduated from the College of Health Studies, where she had enrolled as a part-time student. In 1997, she enrolled in the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana. Graduating in 2002, she enrolled in a post-graduate programme in Government and European Studies, completing her master’s degree on the subject of human rights. Her thesis was entitled Legal Grounds and Proportionality of Measures Reducing Rights of Residents in Social Care Institutions. Her work at the Ministry of Health covers the entire area of healthcare provision, ranging from education to the clinical environment in all other sectors. The need for change and the introduction of appropriate policies of a healthcare/social care concept for the elderly is becoming ever more evident, and as a result, she dedicates a considerable part of her time to this field.