Mr. Erdal Trhulj graduated on the University in Sarajevo, Faculty for Civil Engineers as structural engineer. In 23 years of experience he proved himself as a multidisciplinary engineer and manager in the construction engineering, project management, site organization, infrastructure works, planning and budgeting, evelopment of investments and investment models for big infrastructure and energy projects, industry sector, energy sector, public administration and government works.

Fourteen years of work on the major infrastructure projects as well as other construction projects of which 10 years on projects outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina were the best recommendation but also the most important reason for engaging Erdal Trhulj, at the end of 2006, in the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the position of Director of the Federal Directorate for Construction, Management and Maintenance of Highways. For the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina he established this type of institution, provided stable sources of financing highway construction in FBiH and initiate the first major works on the construction of the highway on the Corridor Vc as a pre-requisite of intensive development of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beggining of the 2011 he established the Public Company Highways of Federation of Bosnian and Herzegovina and speed up highway construction on Corriodor Vc in BIH.

The achieved business success was the best recommendation for Mr. Trhulj in 2011 to be elected to the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina . During the fouryear mandate Minister Trhulj scored significant success in the development of legislation in the energy sector and fulfilled the obligations that FBiH and BIH had as a member of the Energy Community of South East Europe. He prepared legal legislation for oil and gas exploration and exploatation in BiH and brought Shell company, one of the world’s largest company in oil sector, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian centuries-old dream of exploation of oil he brought into reality. Great successes he achieved as minister in the rehabilitation and revival of military industry as well as metal, textile, construction and furniture industries . Three times in a row he was named for the best Minister for the South East Europe, he has been awarded as honorary citizen of municipality Banovici and received a special award from Ifimes for development of energy sector and economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is member of Advisory Board of Burch Bussiness Centre on the Burch International University in Sarajevo. He is married and father of two children.