Elif Yanardag


Področje dela: praktično delo
Prejemnica REFERENCE 2017

Področje dela: praktično delo

Predstavitev prejemnice priznanja:

Her name is Elif Yanardağ. She was born July 14, 2006. She is in 5th grade.

She became familiar with cooking by help her mother with washing the vegetables around the age of 3.  At kindergarten she had cooking classes making cookies and simple cakes. She enjoyed making them again at home. She always enjoyed presenting her cooking to family members.

She started cooking by herself when she was 6 years old. Since then she has improved her skills to prepare a five star breakfast, lunch and dinner. She prefers cooking deserts but she is also very good at cooking family dinners.  Also she is very good at planning the whole menu from scratch.

She likes to follow cooking shows on TV, she uses internet, cook books, grandmother’s and now after following all these she likes to create her own recipes.  Also she goes to cooking workshops on weekends. She likes to cook all kinds of dishes but she definitely prefers deserts.  Her and our favorite is her cheesecake. She only cooks for family, for big family parties (birthday cakes), school mates and teachers. Besides cooking she enjoys swimming, playing tennis and singing.