Mag. Sonja Šmuc


Managing director at Zdruzenje Manager Slovenia
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Sonja is since April 2005, the Executive Director of the Association Manager: its functions are of concern to the smooth functioning of the Association, supporting the development of Slovenian management, lobbying for the interests of economy and membership of the Association, providing useful business socializing between members and counseling members regarding issues that it professional treatment Managers’ Association. She is a member of the Expert Council Federation of Human Resource Slovenia and several commissions – Commission Selection of manager, personnel manager of the year and recognition for Prizma communication excellence. She is a member of the Council Gazel, Golden Thread and Treasurer CEC. She began her career as a student at the weekly economic magazine. Soon, in addition to journalism also took over the editing several content of the annexes and sections. She studied abroad, including in Stanford University in the US, Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna and Slovenian business school IEDC. He speaks fluent English, Serbian and Croatian, and has passive knowledge of German and French.