Mr Franc Jager


Founder and a manager of family mercantile company Jagros
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Mr Franc Jager is a founder and a manager of a family based mercantile company Jagros, d.o.o., known as trgovine Jager. For more than 25 years this succesful businessman effectively manages a company with more then 400 employees. Manager Franc Jager always points out that the key to success is loving the work that you and your employers do. That is why he always aims at creating a friendly, safe and stable working environment. He spends most of his time at work, which has became an important part of his everyday routine. This is the kind of loyalty to the company that he also transferred to his family. His three sons, Aleš, Boštjan and Miha, are all in management, and together they are managing one of the most successful family companies in Slovenia.