Ms dr. Maria Anselmi


General Manager Bisnode d.o.o.
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Maria Anselmi is General Manager of Bisnode Slovenia and Southern Europe (Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Strategy and Development Director for Central Europe Region of Bisnode Group (for Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Bisnode is the leading provider of digital business information in Europe in 20 European countries with its solutions covering Marketing, Credit and Business information and supporting corporations, banks and institution with Business intelligence solutions. After a brief experience in Johnson & Johnson Maria Anselmi joined Il Sole 24 Ore the first Italian business newspaper a school of entrepreneurship. In 1996 Maria Anselmi was given the challenge to create the first business information archive on internet in Europe. From then on all her career developed in digital information following the profound belief that an open circulation and wide accessibility of information can make markets a fair playground.

She was Country manager for Financial Times Information in Italy and then in 1999 moved to the Italian Stock Exchange where she was responsible to start up the digital information business channel. She worked as Marketing Director for digital business at Mondadori and in 2001 she moved to Slovenia.

Maria Anselmi has been with Bisnode from 2002 – at first as General Manager for Slovenia, then she took over additional responsibility as Director for Organic Growth in Central Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Rep. Slovak Rep., Hungary and Poland) and to expand in Southern Markets. In 2010 and 2011 she opened business in Croatia and Serbia.

Since February 2013 Bisnode Slovenija operates with its business branches also in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as »Bisnode Southern Market«. The newly formed group employs almost 200 people, of which half represents the sales group.

Bisnode awards:

• Best Company in Bisnode Group (2011)

• Best Women-friendly Company in Slovenia (2012)