Mr Tadej Gosak


President of the Paloma d.d.
Chief Executive Officer at Titus Europe
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Tadej Gosak, since August 2013 the CEO of Company Paloma d.d.

Director of TITUS EVROPA

Tadej Gosak, since August 2013 the CEO of Company Paloma d.d., with 140 years of tradition in the manufacture and trade of high quality hygienic paper productst, is successful leader with track record of planning, presenting ,implementing and managing the innovative business solutions. He is the President of Management Board of Paper Industries Association at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and a Member of Slovenian Management Association.
He’s highly motivated with a proven ability to develop people and commercialize all aspect of a business. Experienced in converting every opportunity into success and of driving profit and growt. Tadej Gosak is a strong leader with high energy , is self initiative, proactive and a team builder.

A successful leader must, at the professional skills to be primarily a human marked by morality, ethics, honesty and respect for others and acceptance of diversity.

We learn all our lives, but the knowledge and values we gain in our youth are marked by us for a lifetime. Knowledge, experience, values and critical thinking are competences, which were passed on by experienced teachers of the Central Economics School of Maribor and are still today helping me in day-to-day business and personal decisions brought about by life. Thanks for that. “