Dragana Jevtić


Ambassador of Knowledge
Project Manager at Creative Mentoring, Serbia
Year receipt of recognition 2016

Project Manager at Creative Mentoring, Serbia

Because of curiosity and hunger for knowledge and experience, Dragana lived, studied and worked in United States (NY State, California and Florida), France and Cyprus. After 10 years of living abroad, Dragana decided to come back to Belgrade in 2000. She holds Bachelor of Science degree, International Business option, from California State University (summa cum laude). Currently she is completing Master studies in Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts, Belgrade. She worked, internationally and in Serbia, for several companies/organizations doing business development and international cooperation. After several years in the business world, she has decided to transfer to something she loves the most: the world of arts and culture. She is very much interested in combining arts and business, getting the best of the both worlds; in project management and running of cultural projects and organizations; in international cooperation within the field of culture; and in life-long learning. Her last post was Market Manager for France and Benelux markets for Tourist Organization of Serbia. Currently she is running Creative Mentorship project as its Project Manager and is putting in it all her great energy, enthusiasm and expertise.