Ivica Krizmanić,


Ambassador of Knowledge
General Director hotel Esplanade, Croatia
Year receipt of recognition 2016

General Director hotel Esplanade, Croatia

Ivica Max Krizmanic is the General Manager at the Esplanade Zagreb hotel in Croatia. In 2012 he has been entrusted to supervise the operations of the most prestigious 5-star deluxe property in Zagreb and to oversee the quality of the services that his team provides.His success story started almost 24 years ago when he came to the Hotel as a fill-in for a doorman and it was then that he “fell in love with the hotel”.


During 24 years of experience at this hotel Max worked in almost every department and progressed steadily. He perfected his skills and knowledge which helped him determine his interests, abilities and values, and steered him in the right direction.


His experience, great results, management and communication skills with both guests and employees and his high ambition led him to high positions of Front Office Manager, Revenue Manager, Room Divisions and Assistant General Manager.

 As a GM at the Esplanade, for the last four years Max is a member of EHMA – European Hotel Managers Association, at the National Tourist Board he is Zagreb Tourist Board Representative, he is also a Member of the Supervisory Board at the Zagreb Tourist Board, he is a Member of Tourism Committee at AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce) and for the last couple of years he is a member of SKÅL – International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals and a member of FIJET – The International Federation for Journalists and travel Writers.

 It is interesting to mention that Max never in his working life at the Esplanade applied for a job, but his experience and knowledge were always recognized by the management, so the positions were offered to him.


“The hotel has a long tradition and an interesting story. There are great hotels in the world, but The Esplanade has a unique charm and spirit and has always had a significant role in Croatian culture, politics, gastronomy, art and even fashion. I do not know if any other hotel can measure with the significance this Hotel has had for its country and I must say it is a great privilege and honour to run it. I am proud to be a part of this building’s impressive history,

said Max.