Dr. Boris Benedičič


Domel d.o.o.

Metoriranec: Daniel Rodić

Področje dela: Projektno delo

Head of Motor Development, Domel d.o.o.

I have finished bachelor studies at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Ljubljana in 1996 in the field of synchronous reluctance motor design. Then I continued his studies in the same Faculty, the topic of the first level of postgraduate studies was construction of switched reluctance motor and optimization of control parameters for this motor. After finishing master’s studies in 1999 I have been working in Domel in the field of analysis and optimization of universal motors. Between years 2001 and 2004 I have been working on commutation of universal motor.  The goal of this project was to improve the lifetime of universal motor. In the frame of the project I have uncovered some new findings and I was able to defend a Ph. D. thesis with the title Model of Commutation of Universal Motor.


Since 2006 I am working in the position of Head of Motor Development, therefore I am responsible for a department that does motor calculations and project coordination.  I am still active in the field of motor calculations and motor optimization. With this expertise I am helping my company to grow in the field of new and challenging motor designs.