Dimis Michaelides


Ambassador of Knowledge
Managing director at Performa Consulting
Year receipt of recognition 2017

Dimis has thought as visitng Professor at the Executive MBS programs of INSEAD (Fontanebleau), CK Graduate School of Business (Beijing), Jiaotang University (Shanghai), Royal Holloway University of London and the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). He served on numerous Boards od Directors in private companies and non-profit organizations in Cyprus, the US, Russia and Brazil, including the Board of Trustees of The Creative Education Fundation (US).

Dimis published The Art of Innovation  – Integrating Creativity in Organizations (2007) and development the Art of Innovation model in various forms, to help organizations and individuals achieve their full innovation potential.

He had delivered presentations and led workshops in numerous creativity forms including TEDx (New York), Harvard Business Review (China), Creative Education Foundation (USA), American Creativity Association, CREA (Europe), European Conference for Creativiy and Innovation, Africa Creativity Conference.

Dimis has extensive international experience in General Management, Marketing and Finance – at the World Bank (Washington), Zeneca (Paris), Council of Europe (Paris) and Laiki Cyprialife (Nicosia).

Dimis is a graduate of the London School of Economics (B.Sc), London Business School (MBA), Sussex University (MA) and INSEAD (Leadership in Organizations).

He is fluent in Greek, English and French, operational in Spanish and Portuguese.

He loves his wife and son, mother and brother, music and magic, art and history, film and teather and his dog, Goya.