Bernarda Škrabar


Ambassador of Knowledge
Detective and director of company Detektivsko varnostna agencija d.o.o.
Year receipt of recognition 2017

Bernarda Škrabar is experienced detective (detective since 2006) and certified international detective, director, and entrepreneur, who dedicates her life to examinations, investigations, and the development of company Detektivsko varnostna agencija , d.o.o.

The Detective Agency is recognized both in Slovenia and abroad, as the team participates in international investigations, surveillances, and development of investigation activities on the global level.

Bernarda Škrabar is a member of famous and renowned foreign detective associations, in which she actively participates.

Bernarda Škrabar gives great emphasis on education and transfer of knowledge at her work. She is constantly seeking for new knowledge for herself and also for her employees that enjoy learning and developing new skills which enables them to follow the trends and innovations in a wild field of detective and security work. Bernarda Škrabar is also a mentor to future young detectives that come in her detetive agency to gain their first working experiences during their studies at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security. At her work as a detective she is trying to follow high etical standards, in 2015 she also recieved an award called Ethical Leadership 2015. Her agency is also one of the first companies that signed Guidelines of Corporative Integrity and Declaration of Fair Business – documents that are usually signed only by large companies.

Detektivsko varnostna agencija publishes as a professional journal Pod lupo and is recipient of the certificate of good organizational energy and part of Zlata nit and Zlata praksa.