Prof. dr. Vlado Dimovski


Senior mentor
Prejemnik priznanja SENIOR MENTOR 2016
Professor of management at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Vlado Dimovski is a full professor of management at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and holds degrees in economics (BA, MA), philosophy (BA), and in management and finance (PhD), the dissertation topic was one of the first in the world on organizational learning and learning organizations. Employed at the Faculty of Economics since 1984, and also served as the State Secretary for Industry (1995-1997), Minister for Labor, Family and Social Affairs (2000-2004), and as the President of the Center for International Competitiveness, (1997-2000).


As professor he published various articles and books (i.e. on Authentic Leadership, Advanced Management), supervised almost 300 undergraduate theses, more than 200 masters theses, and almost 20 doctoral theses. He has been visiting professor or researcher at many renowned institutions and is a member or a leader of numerous research projects and programs, and the member of various international associations.


He is also active in sports (was president of the Swimming Federation in Slovenia), and in charity work and humanitarian activities (member of Clinton Global Initiative, Lions International). He was awarded with many distinguished honors and awards: Youth Leader Award, Best Master Thesis Award, Beta Gamma Sigma, Slovenian Management Award, Who is Who Statesmen, Harvard Directory of Scholars, many Best Paper Awards.