Dianne Lang


Year receipt of recognition 2015
The founder of the Humanitarian Foundation
  • Humanitarian person
  • Writer

A few years ago, Dianne planned to work with adults affected by HIV/Aids in poor communities. But it was the children who demanded her attention and touched her life. After having 3 children left on her doorstep during her stay in Middleburg, she realised that the children living in this town needed a helping hand. Dianne sold her beach- side house in Blue Horizon Bay and moved to Middleburg, where she opened several homes for abused and abandoned children. Before she knew it, children were flooding to the home in need of care and love and Dianne eventually found herself looking after 76 children. Funding for the homes was not easy to come by and after an on-going struggle with a corrupt goverment and social services, Dianne decided to leave for the UK, where she raised funds for the children back in Middleburg. During her time in the UK, Dianne fell ill and it was later confirmed that she was living with a very rare and incurable form of cancer. Dianne underwent various blood ransfusions and chemo-therapy as part of her treatment, but doctors eventually informed her that her time on earth was short and told her she had 3 days to live. It was during her preparation for death, that Dianne realised she had accomplished everything she wanted to during her lifetime and was at peace with dying, but this release never came. Dianne is still here with us today, and believes that this near death experience has motivated her to share her stories. Dianne has published a book called “Saving Mandela’s Children” which talks about her time in Middleberg, and is also currently doing “Motivational Speaking” at events and functions.

In media:

I am a human rights activist, born with a terrible aversion to injustice. I cannot turn my face away if I see something that is not right or is unfair…I cannot pretend I did not hear….I cannot pretend I did not know. I have to actively do all I can to put a wrong right and that is what I have done all my life.

I spent 15 years of my life saving the children who were abused, abandoned, neglected and dying in South Africa.

I am currently lobbying for human rights for the pathetic conditions in which South Africans keep their inmates.

I was born to fight like a lion. I as born to prepare for war with peace in my heart.