Angelo Xuereb,


Ambassadors of Knowledge
Chairman of the AX Holdings group of companies
Year receipt of recognition 2016

Chairman and CEO at AX Holdings group, Malta

Mr. Angelo Xuereb was recently appointed Ambassador of Knowledge for the Life Learning Academia in Slovenia.

Angelo Xuereb is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the AX Holdings group of companies (, one of Malta’s leading entrepreneurial organisations.


Born in Naxxar on 15 June 1952 Angelo initially started as a sole trader carrying out minor construction jobs.  By 1977 he established Angelo Xuereb Ltd. (, which developed into a leading local construction and civil engineering company.


During 1982,Mr. Xuereb took his first step towards diversification and invested substantially in the tourism sector, opening the Sunny Coast Holiday Complex in Qawra ( That same year Mr. Xuereb formed another company Hardrocks Ltd, providing top quality sand and gravel to the building industry. Following the success of the Sunny Coast Holiday Complex, Mr. Xuereb decided to invest further in the tourism industry, and developed the 458 room Suncrest Hotel, Malta’s largest four-star hotel. ( period also saw the evolvement of Mr. Xuereb’s business interests into what is now known as the AX Group of Companies, employing a wide array of operatives, ranging from leading professionals to manual workers


In 1991, Mr. Xuerebestablished General Precast Concrete Ltd, a state-of-the-art pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete factory spread over 40,000 sq. metres.


In 1996, the AX Group diversified into the Private Health sector with the Capua Palace Hospital in central Sliema, now known as St. James Hospital. This period also saw the development and operation of the four-star city hotel “The Victoria Hotel” ( followed by the restoration of the 200 year old historic Palazzo Capua in 1997. (

In 2002, the AX Group was the promoter and today remains one of the main shareholders in the Valletta Cruise Port Consortium – operating the Cruise Ship Terminal and The Valletta Waterfront. (

 In 2004, the AX Group inaugurated the Verdala Mansions in Rabat, one of the most prestigious and luxurious residential developments on the island.Following the success of “Tal-Kaptan Pizzeria” in Qawra, the AX Group began the process of developing the brand goodwill, commencing operations from a new outlet and establishing the Tal-Kaptan Pizzeria chain.  (


In 2007, the 5-star Palace Hotel in Sliema was developed by the AX Group and acquired the best award in design from medium sized hotels worldwide by a top International Design organisation. (


In 2010, all 5 hotels owned by the AX Group were integrated under the brand “AX Hotels Malta”. This entity is  planning further expansion with the development and operation of another three   hotels   in the near future. ( In 2011, Angelo Xuereb was appointed  Project Manager responsible for the construction of the superstructure of the New Parliament Building,  designed by world-renowned Architect Renzo Piano. The works were completed to the most exacting specifications six weeks ahead of an already tight programme.

In 2012, Angelo found the time to look back on his career up to that point and write his Autobiography. (


In 2015 the AX Group ventured into the “Active Aging” sector and constructed the  Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village and Simblija Care Home  (   which is the first of its kind in Malta, surrounded by  extensive landscaped areas and boasting state-of-the-art facilities.


Mr. Xuereb’s business portfolio today includes a wide range of activities, namely: tourism, healthcare, construction, restoration works, development, real estate and project management. Angelo is still very active in his life and career. He is looking forward to further expansion of the AX Holdings Group of Companies.