Mr Janez Gruden


Technical director of the Nile d.o.o.
Year receipt of recognition 2015

Responsible for leading IT infrastructure engineering division. Objective is heading transition of various SRC infrastructure departments to transformed service oriented Technical Division consisting of over 50 eing&empl in five engineering departments:
– Networks & Collaboration (connectivity and collaboration infrastructure)
– Security (infoSec)
– Data Center (on-premisse/hosting infrastructure)
– Cloud & Service Management (hosting enterprise services & service management)
– End-user Support (end-user operations) and internal IT

Personal responsibility and goals:
– Creating new cross functional technical departments by facilitating changes in service portfolio, organization and processes (i.e. operational framework of departments)
– Technical/egineering service portfolio for networks and collaboration, security, data center, cloud hosting and service management programs
– Managed services portfolio: monitoring and operations, enterprise service management support programs / ITIL
– Engaging engineers in official company’s R&D process for innovation and developement
– Initiating student academy, setting-up program on SDN and automation platforms for sustainable new-hire
– Introduction of automation in production verticals (Python, Ansible, Powershell, Yang, NETCONF / RESTCONF)
– People & departments management: execution of deliverables
– Vendor management (primarily Cisco/Gold & HPE/Gold)

Division solutions portfolio and services:
=> Connectivity, Optical, Wireless, Collaboration, IP management, Security
=> DataCenter/Virtualization, Cloud (Hosting XaaS services – IaaS/PaaS/ BaaS/DRaaS)
=> Managed services and Enterprise service managment services
=> Systems integration and operation: consulting, design, installation – 24/7 managed services support
=> Hosting systems development and operations: design, installation – 24/7 service management support

Vendors: Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, open source (red hat, nagios), Palo Alto, Citrix