Responsible for leading IT infrastructure engineering division. Objective is heading transition of various SRC infrastructure departments to transformed service oriented Technical Division consisting of over 50 eing&empl in five engineering departments:
– Networks & Collaboration (connectivity and collaboration infrastructure)
– Security (infoSec)
– Data Center (on-premisse/hosting infrastructure)
– Cloud & Service Management (hosting enterprise services & service management)
– End-user Support (end-user operations) and internal IT

Personal responsibility and goals:
– Creating new cross functional technical departments by facilitating changes in service portfolio, organization and processes (i.e. operational framework of departments)
– Technical/egineering service portfolio for networks and collaboration, security, data center, cloud hosting and service management programs
– Managed services portfolio: monitoring and operations, enterprise service management support programs / ITIL
– Engaging engineers in official company’s R&D process for innovation and developement
– Initiating student academy, setting-up program on SDN and automation platforms for sustainable new-hire
– Introduction of automation in production verticals (Python, Ansible, Powershell, Yang, NETCONF / RESTCONF)
– People & departments management: execution of deliverables
– Vendor management (primarily Cisco/Gold & HPE/Gold)

Division solutions portfolio and services:
=> Connectivity, Optical, Wireless, Collaboration, IP management, Security
=> DataCenter/Virtualization, Cloud (Hosting XaaS services – IaaS/PaaS/ BaaS/DRaaS)
=> Managed services and Enterprise service managment services
=> Systems integration and operation: consulting, design, installation – 24/7 managed services support
=> Hosting systems development and operations: design, installation – 24/7 service management support

Vendors: Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, open source (red hat, nagios), Palo Alto, Citrix