The 5th Academic Economic Congress AEC 2018
with International Conference  »What to take from the past«

  11  Ambassadors of Knowledge

  11 Mentors

  1 International coordinator

  57 Reference award winer

Providing a high-level platform for discussions and promotions of knowledge on different fields. Over the past years the Academic Economic Congress has grown into a successful platform for high-level dialogue among leaders fromprivate and public sectors on key issues facing the world in the 21st century.

AEC - an event that presents Learning Organisations, the innovations, efforts and special achievements in the field of knowledge to the broader public and is held once a year (usually in the first week of June).

The event Academic Economic Congress is unique and the first of its kind. Organized joint ly by the Life Learning Academia, the Academic Economic Congress is one of the leading international event in the region. Owing to the cooperation from Ambassadors and various organisations from all over the world it offers a special opportunity to establish new contacts and promote achievements in the field of knowledge on a global level.

Welcoming prominent guests from Europe and beyond (we bring together regional and global actors from the spheres of business, academic, diplomacy, policy, science, and innovation), the Academic Economic Congress has established itself as an important annual gathering aimed at presenting Good Potentials, Mentors, Coordinators and Learning Organisations.